Seduction City Playlist

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sounds of Seduction City Episode 2

Break out a glass of red wine, grab the most comfortable easy chair you have or plop down in your comfy bed and wrap your arm around a pillow or your fluffy teddy...cause this here is a doozy...

New songs!

New to me, too! I was going through a bunch of new tunes last night trying to find some good stuff and discovered almost all of these, and figured "what the heck?", let's put these guys into a continuous mix for SOS-2! I did just that with Virtual DJ...without pre-thinking it at all, I just came up with a quick track order and then lined 'em up and let 'em rip with my limited DJ skills.

Among them is -- at long last -- a higher-quality stereo version of Believe by Luminary. This song was never officially released, to the best of my knowledge, and I had to trek high and low to find this. And it's worth it's weight in gold...assuming it weighed a ton instead of the negligible weight of an mp3 file. Once you hear it in it's magical unparalleled 128 kpbs glory, I am sure you will agree.

If this compilation was a baseball lineup, it would be all cleanup hitters...'cause this thing is LOADED:

Andre Nikkensen feat. Aneym - Weightlessness (Lukas Termena Chillout Mix)
Sundayman - Now That I Found You
Luminary - Believe
Aeriah with Nick Horn & Shadowfall feat. Di - And So It Goes (W&D Chill Down Remix)
Lovage - Anger Management (Instrumental Version)
Lukas Termena feat. Angelica Borof - Infinity
Activa feat. Julie Harrington - You Are Here (Ambient Mix)
Ben Gold feat. Senadee - Today (Chilled Datt Remix)
ADS feat. Di - Words That May Never Be Said
John O'Callaghan - Big Sky (Skydan Remix)
Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton - Free Love (Original Mix)
Nadia Ali - People (Original Mix)
Adyjay - The Only Chance

Post any comments or requests you have for future episodes right here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sounds of Seduction City Episode 001 -- Debuting this week

I'm reaching out my comfort zone this week...

I recorded a live hour-long mix of some of Seduction City's best songs, plus a few surprises, and am broadcasting it this week. I attempted to make it a seamless continuous mix and the results's the word to describe an amateur doing something? Ah yes...amateurish. I have a PhD in amateurish.

My goal is to make this a semi-regular thing, only it won't be regular like once-a-week or once-a-month. It will be like once-whenever-I-feel-like-it because thought and effort does go into it. Even though it would be eminently easier to just put this thing together using an audio editing program (i.e. Audacity) I felt like there was something cooler doing it as as a "live" mix. Plus it makes me feel like an actual DJ even though I am not and never will be close. The tradeoff is that it is a freewheeling thing -- it doesn't have the polish I'd might like and is definitely improv'd. Luckily I enjoyed some "happy accidents" in the process and some of the seques turned out quite smooth an very nice, and I wouldn't be able to replicate if I tried. Regardless, the music holds its own regardless of the inept mixing, and I hope everyone will enjoy something in it.

Below is the song list as well as a link to the program for downloading.

Here's the complete playlist:

Sinead O'Connor - Troy (Schill Out Remix)
4 Strings - Let It Rain (Chill Out Mix)
Adyjay - Part of U (Chill Out Version)
Koop - Strange Love
Nacho Sotomayor - In the Room
Lustral - In My Life (Original Mix)
Waterbone - Tantra II
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Adrien Aubrun Private Remix)
Andru Donalds - (I'm Not Your) One Night Lover
Mads Arp feat. Julie Harrington - Alive
Timbaland feat. One Republic - Apologize (Lukas Termena Chillout Mix)
Dash Berlin - Believe In You
Hex - Surf (Hedfunk Remix)