Seduction City Playlist

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sexing things up

You may have noticed the cheesy new image of the generic bikini-clad chick laying out on the yacht somewhere in Ibiza as the key image for Seduction City.

Well forgive me, but we're sexing thing up a little bit.

Ever hear the motto "sex sells?"

Well I hope it's true.  Because we need the heat.

I thought it would be enough to play simply the best possible chillout/downtempo music on The Web.  Apparently, that doesn't get it done. So I'm shamelessly taking things a step further. Random Internet image of some hot harlot laying on a yacht? Sure.

But y'know what? It kinda makes sense.

The root of all of the music of Seduction City is carnal at heart.  Even though I listen to it myself when I'm at work or driving or drafting my fantasy basketball team... it is in effect stuff that I put together for special alone time with my once-girlfriend-now-wife.

So why deny it any longer?

Some wear their hearts on their sleeve; Seduction City wears it's inspiration on it's blogspot header. Or something.

But despite the blatant sellout, we're still all about the music here. So please enjoy the new stuff I've put on this month, such as...