Seduction City Playlist

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Going VIP Only for a while

A social experiment gone wrong?  Probably.  But Seduction City is going VIP-only for a little while.

It is a labor of love, this internet radio thing.  And like most such pursuits, it is not a moneymaker.  

Still, the expenses are adding up and meanwhile the money coming in is a trickle.

The math is pretty easy, really:  Monthly costs include royalty payments, bandwidth, storage space, music purchases, etc.  The only money that offsets this is if VIP listeners listen to the station or sign up for a membership through Seduction City.  Or listeners donate via Paypal, which to date nobody has done.

I have a day job, of course, which covers the costs but with listening hours dwindling Seduction City is at a crossroads of sorts. 

If you enjoy the station, please donate via Paypal or through a VIP membership to keep things going.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New stuff on the playlist

Added a bunch of new songs to the playlist.  This is one of them.

If Seduction City every hires an in-house producer, it will probably be Lukas Termena: